Handcrafted 3D nautical art using maritime charts of a favourite cove, your mooring, a memorable trip or anywhere you like.

It’s clear to see the hours of intricate work that goes into making these amazing 3D Nautical Charts. Their are no tricks or shortcuts to this method. All are cut from one original maritime admiralty chart by hand with careful scalpel work then remounted and cut again.

Perfect for that special occasion…a unique wedding present, an anniversary of a beautiful occasion, a prize or trophy or even just a lovely memory of a place once visited. These 3D Nautical Charts are a perfect keepsake and make such an individual and timeless nautical gift.

If you would like to commission a 3D Nautical Chart please get in touch and we can discuss exactly what the options are.

Please note that all commissions undertaken are non refundable due to the bespoke nature of the artwork and material costs incurred. n.b. Due to the nature of this work not being mass produced the finish is of handcrafted quality.


Below are some examples of work that I have undertaken click to view multiple image of each chart.